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  <  Name: Choe Cadwell

  <  Age: 18

  <  Age in Appearance: 12-13(though the first appearance of him says differently)

  <  Hair: Dark blue black none dyed

  <  Eyes: Very light gray

  <  Family: He originally was in a rather large family. About six siblings and a mother and father. He is and has not been in contact with any of them since his change.

  <  Past*Possible Spoilers*: Highlight to read

Choe was changed by Kevin when he was about thirteen years old after two unknown vampires from the vampires coven kidnapped Choe and Jeremy(not the one listed as a later character) when the ‘ran away’ from home on an impulse. Both boys had been part of rather large families and would have likely wondered home about midnight had they not been snatched up for the pens*. Soon after being changed Choe was forced to watch his friend, Jeremy, be killed before his eyes and then, when he continued to disobey his coven, he was ‘set free’ in the middle of the woods and left to die. He survived somehow for a day or two before being picked up by Aven, who had been the current head of Natsu’s coven. From then on he was taken care of and raised by Aven and the rest of the coven(simply Natsu and Hareph).


Pens- Think about a large horse barn only humans are kept in there instead and used for food.

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