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  <  Name: Hareph Unknown Last Name

  <  Age: 158

  <  Age in Appearance: Early 20s

  <  Hair: White- bleached appearance.

  <  Eyes: Light Blue

  <  Family: A father and a twin sister, both of which are deceased.

  <  Past*Possible Spoilers*: Highlight to read

Hareph was found by his changer or master at age ten and taken in and raised by the vampire. He met Natsu, newly changed, at age 18 but it wasn’t until he was twenty one that he himself was changed. He is a little stockier where Natsu is willow and feminine(though my drawings may not portray that)and he still holds a great love of destruction and death where Natsu no longer goes after it. After quite a few deaths of close friends, lovers, and so on this vampire is not all mentally here at all times. He enjoys making Pens and harassing Kai. Hareph tends to be Obsessive, possessive, and on occasion aggressive though his mood often changes rapidly if given enough time and often the things or reactions he has are unprovoked.