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  <  Name: Natsu Unknown Last Name

  <  Age: 178

  <  Age in Appearance: About 17, maybe a little older depending

  <  Hair: Permanently bleached and dyed light green.

  <  Eyes: Light Brown

  <  Family: He originally had a mother and father though he doesnít remember much about them and doesnít care.

  <  Past*Possible Spoilers*: Highlight to read

Natsu was changed by a vampire who had a love of pretty faces somewhere in the either in Japan or China. As a human Natsu didnít keep up with much information and was quite an urchin however itís safe to assume he was changed sometime around the early to mid 1800s. As a pampered fledgling he was careless and enjoyed everything he was aloud to- including much sex and as many drugs as he was aloud to. Despite what you may think he was cruel at times, especially after he was left on his own with his fledgling mate- Hareph. He had many flings and traveled around before finally settling down with Aven and Hareph at their current residence. The death of his maker and quite a few of his friends cooling his jets as well as a few other things which will not be given even here.